May 12, 2020

Fed Paper Says Companies May Automate More Jobs During Pandemic

“Workers can be exposed to health risks, and social distancing measures can reduce labor productivity by hindering the ability to work. But robots do not get sick…In this sense, automation provides a hedge against job uncertainty stemming from the pandemic.”

Majority of remote workers are more productive and communicative

All companies, even those with no remote work culture, have had to mandate and effectively manage their employees working from home. Research shows how the workforce is experiencing the shift, and what employees need to stay productive and engaged. The future of work after the COVID-19 pandemic will not be the same.

Hidden defaults set to soar as recession squeezes companies

“Distressed exchanges often are just ‘bandages’ and the firm eventually goes bankrupt,” said Edward Altman, who developed a widely used method for predicting business failures, estimates that up to 40% of distressed exchanges end in bankruptcy within three years.

Universal basic income and the end of the republic

“The government has told people we need to shelter in place to keep safe. So it’s the government’s obligation to provide for basic expenses while we’re telling people not to work. It’s really that simple.”

When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” -Benjamin Franklin

NIH Director Talks Vaccines, Virus Mutation and Clinical Trials

“…we don’t find out that there’s only one of these vaccines that works, but rather two or three of them come through the trials looking as though they’re safe and effective,” Collins said. “They’ll have somewhat different characteristics of where they work best…so we might need to do some matching then of which vaccine goes to which particular population.”

As Trump urges reopening, thousands getting sick on the job

Recent figures show a surge of infections in meatpacking and poultry-processing plants. There’s been a spike of new cases among construction workers in Austin, Texas, where that sector recently returned to work.

COVID-19 expert: Coronavirus will rage ‘until it infects everybody it possibly can’

This damn virus is going to keep going until it infects everybody it possibly can,”Michael Osterholm said Monday “It surely won’t slow down until it hits 60 to 70%” of the population, the number that would create herd immunity

New virus cases threaten world’s moves back to work

Precautionary economic and social lockdowns have paralysed much of the global economy and, while many areas are now cautiously moving back to work, world markets are trading cautiously amid fears of a second wave epidemic.

‘Unprecedented’: US braces for pandemic to drive largest refugee wave ever to the border

Economic calamities caused by the coronavirus pandemic could trigger a historic wave of migration from Latin America to the United States, according to officials.

Mexico’s president orders military on streets to curb rising violence

Mexico’s president has ordered the armed forces to tackle security on the streets for another four years, extending a policy he had previously criticized as the government struggles to curb runaway violence.

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