March 26, 2020

$2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Goes to House

The COVID-19 relief bill is still working its way through the legislative process the Senate passed it’s version and the House should pass it on Friday. President Trump has already pledged to sign it.

Here’s what’s in it as of March 25 at 10:18 PM

But some don’t think it’s enough…

Some economists argue that the bill won’t do much to get the economy back to normal and it is really a relief bill. Lifting social distancing by Easter is too optimistic they say, and could lead to a relapse of the epidemic.

Harvard researchers say COVID-19 will be around longer than anyone thinks, and that we might have to turn to intermittent social distancing to beat it.

Meanwhile authorities are wasting no time trashing the Constitution, liberal democracy and civil liberties…

“So far, we haven’t had draconian methods, like armed police blocking people’s movement in the streets, surveillance and phone tapping,” said Larry Gostin, a public health lawyer at Georgetown University

But that is exactly what’s happening in Chicago…

The Mayor is responding to reports of outside gatherings, is threatening to arrest anyone found outside their homes.

That’s a pretty clear violation of the First Amendment right to assemble.

Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen says that attempting to infect someone with COVID-19 is a terrorist act. If that’s the case so might voicing the ability to infect.

In the future, inadvertently using the wrong words, or saying something in a fit of anger could land you in jail. Like saying the wrong thing at an airport.

That’s the problem with compromising civil rights, even a little and with the best of intentions. What starts at airports can spread to other places. And keep in mind we are under surveillance everywhere we go. Or even if we don’t go anywhere.  

Politicians are also pushing their agendas without the troublesome issue of democracy and legislative process.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed a bill outlawing abortion yesterday.

No matter what you think of abortion this should be alarming…

If governors can ban something as controversial as abortion with the stroke of a pen every other freedom a governor doesn’t like is up for grabs.

An example of how COVID-19 will change the world of the future, Hollywood is moving to offer first time screening of major movies online, but at about the same price as a theater ticket. If you saw The Invisible Man in theaters last month hold onto the memory – you might share it with your grandchildren because it might be the last big name move to show in theaters.

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