March 30, 2020

President Trump is retreating from his pledge to lift restrictions on businesses by Easter. Over the weekend he announced an extension of the shutdown to April 30. This is likely in response to Dr. Anthony Faucis’ estimates of a death toll in excess of 100,000.

This is a good time to note that typical flu related death tolls range form about 10,000 to 60,000 every year.

Germany is toying with the idea of issuing “immunity certificates” that would allow people to resume their normal activities – returning to work, visiting friends and family and shopping and dining out.

A more Orwellian way to identify people who have been vaccinated involves invisible tattoos.

Visible only under Ultraviolet light the tattoo would be a reliable indicator of vaccination because the vaccine would be mixed with the ink. Another idea is under the skin implants – the same thing dogs and cats now endure. The implant release a vaccine and contain a microchip verifying that the person caring it has been inoculated.

Large numbers of people kept idle for extended periods are a recipe for social unrest, as the Chinese are now learning

…Over the weekend riots broke out in the province of Hubei in China. Videos, surreptitiously made and posted on social media, showed rioters charging into police lines blocking borders into adjoining provinces. 

At about the same time…

Italy deployed police in Palermo the capital of Sicily, because criminal gangs were coordinating attacks on stores. They were stealing supplies in short supply for sale on the black market. 

Could civil unrest happen in the United Sates?

In a word, yes.

Economic conditions in the Unites States are bleak…

The St Louis Federal Reserve is the research epicenter for our entire financial network. The President of the St Louis Federal Reserve is predicting unemployment rates of up to 30% in the coming months and a decline in GDP – the accumulated value of everything in the United States — of up to 50%.

United Nations statisticians tell us that there is a proven mathematical relationship between unemployment and civil unrest…

…For every unit of increased unemployment, the chances of social unrest increase by 39%. Social stability depends on routines that return the ability to maintain a lifestyle.

Idleness and looming poverty undermine social stability.

And that’s exactly what’s in store for millions of Americans

That’s why balancing economic needs with public safety is such a contentious issue. There are no easy answers.

The good news about COVID-19 is that healthy people rarely die from it.

They experience the flu, don’t need to visit a doctor and recover within two weeks. That might be comforting if you think that compromised health is a confined to the elderly and infirm, but that isn’t the case.

The obesity crisis in the United States make large portions of the population at risk for death from COVID-19:

Only a small minority of Americans can be considered in good health.

They practice a healthy lifestyle, maintain a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in meat. They don’t drink or smoke. The majority of American adults are in poor health.


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