April 17, 2020

“We’re opening up our country. We have to do that.”

Trumps Plan: 29 States to Re-open in a Month

More than 40,000 millionaires receive average $1.6 million stimulus…


Paycheck Protection Program now out of cash

Biden vows to pick a woman for his running mate.

He says he wants his administration to “look like America”

“And I think it’s important that we begin to have my administration, God-willing, is going to look like America and I genuinely mean that. Not just vice president but making sure that we have a Supreme Court, we have a cabinet, we have a White House that looks like the country. And I think it really matters.”

Maybe Joe should be a little less concerned with the optics of his administration and focus on the skills and talents needed to meet the financial aftermath of COVID-19. And let’s not forget issues of sexism and exclusion. Men seem to be the last group for which bigotry is acceptable.    

LinkedIn says job searches on its platform are increasingly containing the words “remote” or “work from home”.

Stay at home orders may be the push telecommuting needs to be considered normal.  Saving time and money on commuting is the productive boost we’ll need to pay the mountain of debt incurred, (so far), in the COVID-19 crisis.

The  global economy is wrecked, but we still don’t know the lethality of COVID-19. That’s because we have a very good idea of the number of deaths, but have very little idea how many people caught the COVID-19 virus, but suffered only mild symptoms. The numbers we see are based on deaths only after people have presented themselves to doctors, been admitted to hospitals, or inducted into ICU units. The true number of infections is far higher, lowering the death rate drastically.   

Obesity is a known risk factor for dying from COVID-19.

That’s because it brings with it so many chronic health issues. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and, of course, sleep apnea are all common side effects of obesity. Naturally, eating less and exercising more are ways to achieve and maintain healthy weight, and live longer and happier.

But now we know that exercise itself generates an antioxidant that hunts down and kills free radicals, protecting the body from disease, and possibly the COVID-19 virus. So get walking.    

The movie industry is on the ropes. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, receipts were in freefall.  Production of major theatrical movies has been shut down, and execs are pondering what to do with films that are ready for theaters. It’s doubtful whether move theaters will ever open their doors again. Hollywood may not be the entertainment epicenter it once was, striking a serious blow to California economy.

In addition to its economic woes, people have been leaving California in droves in recent years. So many have left, in fact that California may be losing Congressional seats, reducing its influence in national politics.

But that might be only the beginning of a larger trend. Large urban centers were losing their appeal before the COVID-19 outbreak, and the rise in remote work may increase that inclination. Joel Kotkin has written an interesting piece on the challenges cities will face in the near future.

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