April 22, 2020

Senate sends $484B ‘Phase 3.5’ coronavirus stimulus to the House

Who will pay for the coronavirus bailout? If you’re under 50 and working, you will

“If the U.S. government keeps spending like the Europeans, the American middle-class will be taxed like Europeans.”

Millennials are getting screwed by the economy. Again.

The Death of the Department Store…

About 52% of Millennials aren’t working or had their hours cut. For those who worked in retail, jobs will likely never come back…

“…department stores, which have been failing slowly for a very long time, really don’t get over this…The genre is toast, and looking at the other side of this, there are very few who are likely to survive,” says Mark A. Cohen, Columbia University Business School.

And the reality of jobs in the future is not looking very rosy…

The Second Phase of Unemployment Will Be Harsher

During this second phase, companies will begin to rehire workers…many employers will use this opportunity to replace some of their former workers with cheaper and more contingent labor…lowering such labor costs is easy when the economy is stalled and workers are grateful for any opportunity.”

“…social distancing has enhanced the appeal of self-service kiosks—and even delivery drones. …corporations do not typically let such opportunities for cutting costs go to waste…employers…bring in more computers and robots, outsource work to contractors, or move jobs entirely offshore.”

“…companies eager to hold down payroll costs will hesitate to hire back older and more experienced workers. They are likely to be left behind and remain in a jobless limbo long after the economy has picked up again.”

Several states are beginning to lift COVID-19 restrictions

Vermont, Texas and Georgia have decided to slowly reopen their economies.

The US states planning to reopen: Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina join Texas

Not everyone is ready to restart the world…

Georgia’s reopening is a high-stakes public health bet

“The move, which is even more aggressive than President Donald Trump’s optimistic call for a May 1 reopening, came after a week in which total US pandemic deaths doubled to more than 42,000.”

But sooner or later we have to do something…

U.S. now has 22 million unemployed

We can’t keep the economy on coronavirus shutdown forever

“Businesses have to re-open. People have to get back to work. They need money in their pockets.”

Asked if he thought he was always right, American Civil War General and later President Ulysses Grant answered,

“No! I am not! But anything is better than indecision. We must decide! If I am wrong, we shall soon find out and can do the other thing. But not to decide…may ruin everything.”

A second wave of the coronavirus is expected to hit the United States next winter

“There’s a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be even more difficult than the one we just went through,” says CDC Director Robert Redfield.

Just in time for colleges and universities to welcome students…

Can Colleges Survive Coronavirus? ‘The Math Is Not Pretty’

“There are many ways a reconstructed fall might look, including the option of continuing everything online, though many colleges that teach in-person still think of that as a last resort. They cite online learning growing pains and an ambivalent faculty.”

As a former community college adjunct, I call that academic arrogance and condescension. Online enrollment has been steadily increasing. Now about 15% of undergrads are fully online. That number will likely surge with everything else that can be had online, thanks to COVID-19. Traditional higher education, like traditional employment, is in its fading glory.

On the way out…

…savor those pleasing private moments on the toilet while you can, soon your doctor, insurance company and probably your employer will be uploading, studying and saving the results…

Researchers Create ‘Smart Toilet’ That Remembers Your Butt Print, Scans Urine For Disease

“…an assortment of health-monitoring features will sample your urine and stool…the smart toilet also comes with a camera…the device…watches for things like stream rate and total volume and matches it against what’s normally considered healthy.”

Something new to worry about…

“I’d be so embarrassed if they knew my fecal flow rate isn’t staying within healthy bounds today.”

And you thought submitting a urine test for your employer was a humiliating invasion of privacy.

Oh yes, that reminds me…Don’t even think of paying someone to offer up their pristine waste for yours…

“We know it seems weird, but as it turns out, your anal print is unique.”

Just think…someday you’ll be sitting in your rocker…sharing the innocence of the early 21st century with the grandkids…

…telling them tales of the carefree days of your youth when all you had to do to get a job or health insurance…

…was buy a pregnant woman’s immaculate urine off the internet, inject it up your urethra and into your bladder before the pee test.

Yep…it’s a new world.

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